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Looking for new truck driver employment opportunities with one of the largest locally-owned transportation providers in Western Texas and Southern New Mexico? At Mesilla Valley Transportation in Albuquerque, we are actively searching for experienced truck drivers that are committed to provide excellent service combined with an acute sense of the road.

For inquires about possible truck driver positions, please call Mesilla Valley Transportation Albuquerque at (915) 974-1152 today.

Become a part of our dynamic and talented team of truck drivers! Review the application criteria found in our "hiring criteria" tab or call us, ask about truck driving jobs available in Albuquerque.  Your talents combined with one of the most efficient fleets in the US will help us improve our ability to serve our customers. At Mesilla Valley Transportation, we’re committed to time sensitive delivery, communication and customer service. To find out more about our truck driver employment opportunities in Albuquerque, call us at (915) 974-1152 today.




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